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Welcome to”Devika Traders”,Devika Traders has been serving bakery products to its customers with   since 2018. Devika Traders has a wide range of categories offering an extensive selection of baking supplies. We love inspiring and encouraging our bakers and chefs to create incredible baking recipes. With our featured category you will find cake decorating supplies and products that are the flavour of the season! These amazing products are loved by our customers and come with great recommendations.

Devika Traders is a unique platform where one can find everything needed to create delicious baked masterpieces from baking ingredients to baking equipment.A delicious dish is nothing but a wonderful fusion of great bakery ingredients! You can now find the top quality bakery ingredients here. The assortment of baking ingredients includes baking flours, cake premixes, food extracts, food coloring,  and more. These bakery ingredients will spark your creativity and imagination to make incredible baking goods! We source and list bakery ingredients from the best brands and suppliers in India.