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Laundry Washing Ball

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Silicone Laundry Ball for Washing Machine

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When you throw the Wool Dryer Balls into the dryer, they will tumble around in the dryer, wool dryer balls lift and separate laundry allowing the hot air to circulate better. Your clothing will dry faster, fluffier and softer, with fewer wrinkles and less static cling. Easy and effective washing and protect your clothes from being twisted or tangled together. Comes with reusable design and easy to use, it is really a wonderful washing ball set for choice. Feature: Magic Reusable Laundry Balls Dryer Balls Washing Balls.Creative items to make a safe, easy and effective washing.Can protect your clothes from being twisted or tangled together.The laundry ball improves washing greatly by scrubbing clothes, save water.How it works: Simply place clothes and washing balls into a washing machine, the soft nodules will massage fabrics to naturally fluff up and soften.


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